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Moeko's works, shimmering with the brilliance of mineral pigments,

visualize the preciousness of life, drawing viewers into a realm of existence that persists beyond the boundaries of this world.

Moeko MACHIDA_Artist Image.jpeg

 Moeko MACHIDA is driven by the question, "What is the secret of beauty in all living things?" Using traditional Japanese mineral pigments, she visualizes various invisible energies of living beings. The small, stone-like forms depicted in her paintings symbolize the ever-changing nature of life. Moeko earned her master's degree with a major in Japanese painting from Kyoto City University of Arts, where she creates and exhibits works that blend traditional techniques with her original imagery and methods.

 She has created fusuma (sliding door) paintings for old Japanese houses, exhibited works in hotel rooms, and held solo exhibitions in Japan and Italy. Moeko has also participated in artist residencies in Japan and Europe. In 2023, she relocated to California, USA, and has been presenting her works in the SF Bay Area.

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Moeko MACHIDA online shop

Online Sales Now Available

My works are now available online.

Bay Area residents can choose to pick up at a designated location in San Jose and shipping will be free.


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